We're excited to contribute to the Basel Innovation Area, showcasing our commitment to new technologies and shared success.


Meet Our Management Team & Advisory Board

We are a large team of highly technical professionals specializing in IT & OT cybersecurity sectors. We operate a number of cybersecurity facilities, including 4 Security Operations Centers, and provide protection to our clients worldwide. We support the growth of cybersecurity maturity and offer an extensive range of training for various purposes.

Yaroslav Pryymak

Managing Partner & CPO

Managing Partner, the visionary Founder & Chief Product Officer driving market strategy in cybersecurity, blockchain, crypto, fintech, AI, and big data, shaping the future of our startup.

Svitlana Skrypka

Project Manager & Cybersecurity Trainer

Head of Operations at XSIGHT Cybersecurity—an adept project manager and community leader, driving operational success through effective project management and fostering collaborative relationships.

Alex Bilyi

Business Development Manager

Business Growth & Head of Marketing, dedicated to empowering startups for sales success through strategic initiatives in key account sales, B2B lead generation, and impactful social media strategies.

Albert Hilber

Honorary Advisory Board Member

Manager Upper Rhine 4.0 at Basel Area Business & Innovation. Leveraging the invaluable support from Basel Area, Albert brings strategic insights to our cybersecurity initiatives.

Christophe Walch

Honorary Advisory Board Member

Entrepreneur, Angel Investor. Think Great! Who ever heard about Alexander the average? Christophe's visionary leadership adds a unique perspective to our endeavors, driving innovation and excellence.

Daniel Schmutz

Advisory Board Member

Cyber Security Enthusiast @ Trend Micro | Channel Sales, Alliances, Marketing. Daniel's industry expertise strengthens our alliances and enhances our marketing strategies, ensuring broader reach and impact.

Matthias von Arx

Advisory Board Member

Executive Leader, ICT & Cyber Security Professional, Business Developer, Consultative & Value Seller, Strategist, Digitizer, Early Adopter. Matthias's multifaceted skill set contributes to our holistic approach to cybersecurity, fostering growth and resilience.

Christian Ulmer

Advisory Board Member

Seasoned & transformational CISO. Christian's strategic insights and leadership in cybersecurity governance bolster our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.


Main asset in cybersecurity business are experienced and reliable professionals. Our professionals have strong real experience obtained in tough environment

why Xsight?

As the threat of cyber attacks continues to grow, it is crucial for businesses to take proactive measures to protect themselves. XSIGHT Cybersecurity offers a comprehensive range of cybersecurity services to help businesses stay safe and secure in the digital age.

Modular cybersecurity system - we have knowledge of a wide variety of tools and have the skills to select the best to run your specific case. We need to know some details to do this, so we start with specific checks and audits.


XSIGHT Cybersecurity offers a modular approach to cybersecurity services, including penetration testing, incident response, security policy audits, permanent protection (security operation center), and cybersecurity education, certification & compliance support. Our management team consists of experienced professionals in the cybersecurity field, finances, and education, including certified ethical hackers, security experts, and incident response specialists. We use industry-standard tools and technologies for our services and have a proper incident response plan in place.


We strive to help our clients meet industry best practices and regulatory requirements for cybersecurity while providing high customer service. By continuously improving our services and staying current with the latest industry trends and technologies, we aim to establish ourselves as a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions in the region. Our goal is to be a partner our clients can trust to keep their sensitive data and systems safe and secure.

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