Depending on the company's size and IT systems complexity, it may be wise to use automated checks with manual verification to save time and reduce costs compared to more expensive services like penetration testing and comprehensive audits. Let's check the straightforward things first!

Vulnerability scanning with manual verification

Result for you:

  • detailed report with vulnerability findings
  • the severity and CVSS scoring for each finding
  • basic review by the engineering team
  • recommendations for fix

When you need to get information fast but effectively, our experienced team will select the best suitable tool for your infrastructure and tasks to provide fast and verified, actionable reports on findings. Having reported potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities will help you maintain compliance with regulatory and industry-specific requirements, minimize risk, and improve your overall security posture.

Vulnerability scanning is a security assessment that uses automated tools to identify computer system, network, or web application vulnerabilities. Vulnerability scanning aims to provide you with wide information about risks your company faced today and identify potential security weaknesses before an attacker can exploit them. 

We have knowledge and experience with a wide variety of tools and have the skills to select the best to run your case. We add manual verification to vulnerability scanning to provide the most valuable results. With results on your hands, you can take measures and save on costs by proactively addressing security issues before they become more serious problems.

Although vulnerability scanning is an important security measure, it's not enough to ensure complete protection. To stay ahead of the ever-growing threats posed by cyber attackers and their tools, periodic penetration testing, Cyber Attack Simulation (Red Teaming), and regular audits are essential for maintaining a secure environment.

Frequent checks and ongoing monitoring are key in safeguarding your network from malicious intruders, and with our skills and flexible, iterative approach, you will have better protection with less stress.