Users are the first line of defense in an organization’s cybersecurity, so by educating them regularly, you prevent costly security accidents and comply with industry regulations

We offer comprehensive and adapted business security awareness training to educate your employees on identifying and responding to cyber threats. Our training includes employee security training, simulated phishing campaigns, and regular security awareness newsletters.

Cybersecurity training should be ongoing and integrated into the organization's cybersecurity program.

Educating your employees on the latest threats and best practices can reduce the risk of a successful cyber attack, improve the organization's cybersecurity posture, and be part of compliance procedures. 

Cybersecurity awareness training

Result for you:

  • adapted security awareness program
  • improved employees' skills in cyber hygiene
Cybersecurity training is an essential component of any organization's cybersecurity program. Cybersecurity training helps employees understand the risks of cyber threats and how to protect the organization's information systems and data.

Cyber hygiene, phishing simulation & anti-social engineering

Result for you:

  • Individually developed phishing simulation
  • Adapted micro-learning security awareness program
  • re-testing results

A focused 3-step program to train employees to understand attackers' approaches and apply best practices to secure sensitive information.

Executive cybersecurity awareness training

Result for you:

  • Training adapted for companies' needs and cybersecurity level
A short program adapted for executive managers to improve their understanding of three main blocks: cybersecurity and governance, threats and technologies, and risk management and analysis. We translate cybersecurity from technical to business language.