How ready are your security systems for protecting the most valuable data and processes in real-world scenarios? By simulating a real-world cyber-attack, we help adapt systems and approaches to safeguard data and systems, comply with standards and maintain brand reputation.

Cyber attack simulation/Red teaming/Advanced persistent threat (APT) simulation

Result for you:

  • individually designed cyber attack scenario
  • report of attack path
  • actionable recommendations for improvement.

Red teaming (other namescyber attack simulation, advanced persistent threat (APT) Simulation) is a simulated deep attack designed to test a company's security posture and response capabilities. 

Red teaming typically involves a team of security experts who use a variety of techniques and tools to simulate real-world attacks and test an organization's defenses.

The results of red teaming are used to improve security policies, procedures, and technologies and to train employees on how to identify and respond to potential threats.

Red teaming is a deep simulated attack or a comprehensive security assessment that aims to challenge an organization's security posture from the perspective of an adversary.

It is performed by highly qualified white hackers who utilize the best human skills, experience, and flexible minds to discover uncommon workflows that cause unexpected and harmful damages.

The goal of red teaming is to identify and test an organization's defenses and identify vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit at a deep level of detail and technical perfection.