If your company works with any sensitive data, stores, processes, or transmits it, Cybersecurity audits are essential, and this is an ideal starting point to help you to prioritize the company's risks, define a cybersecurity roadmap, improve your protection strategy, save on costs and be ahead of competitors...

Audits provide a comprehensive assessment of a company's security posture, identifying potential vulnerabilities and helping you to take the necessary steps to protect corporative valuable information assets.

Cybersecurity audits can ensure your company meets industry standards and regulations while protecting itself from malicious actors looking to exploit weaknesses in its network infrastructure. With regular audits, you can also save on costs by proactively addressing security issues before they become more serious problems. Audits could be provided for the whole organization or the selected functional part if requested.

With us, you will receive personalized service as we can speak the same language as our clients, and it's your goal and expertise to maintain a secure environment so your team can focus on providing services and products without worrying about cyber threats.

Cybersecurity scan, personalized, free of charge

Result for you:

  • to get a map of your system vulnerabilities

What cybersecurity issues and risks may be relevant to your organization today? As situations evolve daily, understanding the baseline level of risks is important. We use tools with combined techniques to map your organization’s attack surface composed of users, assets, and services to help you fast understand and prioritize risks and receive a baseline to build an improved security strategy.

IT infrastructure cybersecurity audit

Result for you:

  • a map of internal infrastructure, clouds, APIs & data transfer, etc.

IT infrastructure cybersecurity audits typically involve a review of your organization's internal infrastructure, cloud systems, APIs, and data transfer processes. This may include a review of network architecture, firewall configurations, access controls, and other security measures that are in place to protect against cyber threats. Our auditing team may also test the effectiveness of these measures by attempting to breach the organization's systems through simulated attacks. We have knowledge of various tools and the skills to select the best to run your case.

Audit of cybersecurity policies

Result for you:

  • evaluation of legal, business environment, and data flows, current compliance process

In addition to an IT infrastructure audit, a cybersecurity audit may also include an evaluation of your organization's cybersecurity policies. This may involve a review of the legal and business environment in which the organization operates and an assessment of data flows within the organization. Our auditor may review current compliance processes and policies to determine whether they are up-to-date and effective in mitigating risks and have wide experience in supporting companies on the way of building user-friendly but effective processes and policies.